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One of the things that sets us apart from other care homes is our beautiful structure, a Grade II listed building, which is steeped in history. Explore the history of Brockhampton Court and how it came to be the place you know today:

Explore the history of Brockhampton Court and how it came to be the place you know today:

  1. The original house was built in the mid-18th century, owned by the Dean and Chapter of Hereford Cathedral. Originally known as Upper Court, the house was sold to the Skyrme family, before being sold to the Stallard family in 1833, with 630 acres of farmland.

  2. After being owned by several other families over the years, the home was renamed Brockhampton Court sometime between 1851 and 1861. In 1885, the house was purchased by Ebenezer D. Jordan, from Boston, Massachusetts.

  3. Soon after, Ebenezer completed a massive transformation of the home, making it similar to how it looks today. He gifted the house to his daughter, Alice Madeline Foster, following her marriage to Colonel Arthur Wellesley Foster from Yorkshire.

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  5. As part of the transformation, the original rectory area of the house was left intact, with major extensions added throughout the building. No expense was spared to provide the newlyweds with the most impressive English house they could have wished for.

  6. By 1901, Brockhampton Court was fully staffed, awaiting the arrival of the couple. By 1906, Alice and Arthur were in residence.

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  8. Several cottages were built, including two entrance cottages at the end of the drive. As the road passed close to the west front of the home, the family agreed to build a new road several fields away, providing more privacy to the couple.

  9. To facilitate some of the changes within the home, architecture company, William Morris, was asked to provide the best craftsman available. These men completed some of the intricate carvings and panelling you can see in the home today. You’ll also find examples of William de Morgan’s tiling in some of the bathrooms and hall fireplace.

  10. The original Norman church in the grounds of Brockhampton Court was shut so in 1902, Alice Foster commissioned the build of a new church at the end of the drive. It is one of only two thatched churches in England today.

  11. Alice Foster became the first woman magistrate in Herefordshire, setting up the original WI in the county. She was an incredibly generous donor to hospitals, paying for the entire operating theatre at Ross-on-Wye cottage hospital.

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  13. Arthur Foster became High Sheriff of Herefordshire, and his love of horses and hounds saw him becoming the master of the South Herefordshire foxhounds. He was also a keen cricketer, establishing Brockhampton Cricket Club which remains popular to this day.

  14. It was once said that to have a job at the Brockhampton Court estate in those days, the individual needed to be able to play cricket or a wind instrument!

  1. After Arthur began to experience pain walking, a new lift shaft was built in the home to carry him up the west front of the house. The shaft was designed with windows so he could look over his land, and the countryside beyond, as the lift ascended.

  2. Brockhampton Court became the first house in Herefordshire to have electricity. This was provided from a nearby building that sent DC electricity across to the Court, where it was changed into AC electricity.

  3. Arthur passed away in 1929, with Alice dying in 1932. Their granddaughter, Drusilla Madeline Foster, married Gerard Leigh Clay in 1931, taking over the running of the Court.

  4. In 1949, Brockhampton Court was sold and turned into a hotel with 26 bedrooms, multiple function rooms and an attached riding school. It remained under the ownership of the Toby family for 40 years as a very successful venue for weddings, parties and entertainment.

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  6. In the early 1990s, locals began to complain about the late-night noise from the hotel, as a result of their nightly entertainment. Unfortunately, they hotel lost its alcohol licence, which soon saw it’s demise and inevitable closure.

  7. In 1995, Dr Christopher Allen and his wife, Valerie, purchased the hotel and 10 acres of land. An extensive renovation and restoration project went underway, turning the building into the beautiful and comfortable care home it is today.

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  9. Brockhampton Court was completely rewired and replumbed with new boilers, whilst the interior decoration and furnishings were completely overhauled to make the home more modern. All work was overseen by Mrs Allen.

  10. In 2007, a new wing was added to the house, which added 16 en-suite bathrooms and an adjoining conservatory to the building. Today, Brockhampton Court has 46 en-suite bedrooms available for its residents.

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  12. Within the grounds are eleven cottages and apartments where elderly or infirm people can live, whilst also having access to any of the care home services that they require.

  13. In 2016, Brockhampton Court installed a Biomass Boiler. The boiler provided heating and hot water which allowed us to minimise our oil consumption.

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Tailored care

Tailored care

Tailored care

We offer a wide range of care services that are tailored to your individual needs. Whether you need to stay with us for a couple of weeks or long term, our team have the skills and passion to care for you.

Our surroundings

Our surroundings

Our surroundings

When residents stay with us, they have the benefit of our beautiful surroundings. Set in the Herefordshire countryside, Brockhampton Court boasts stunning scenery, well-manicured gardens and a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

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Meet the team

Meet the team

Our team consists of passionate, caring, and friendly individuals who are the heartbeat of our home. From our nursing and care staff to our kitchen and housekeeping staff, everyone who works at Brockhampton shares the same values.

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