14 June 2023

Why We Focus On Good Nutrition

Eating delicious and nutritious food, alongside maintaining a good level of hydration is important for everyone’s wellbeing and general health. We know that as we get older, and become susceptible to ailments, this is an area of our self-care that we can often forget to effectively maintain. That’s why one of the biggest areas we focus on as part of our care is our meals and nutrition service.

Reports suggest that 25% of elderly people suffer from mild chronic dehydration, whilst 10% are at risk of malnutrition. There are a number of reasons this may be the case, but the most common is a worry of incontinence and the feeling of being thirsty decreasing as we age.

Our team of carers and nurses ensure that all residents receive the level of nutrition and hydration they require to remain as fit and healthy as they can be. Our kitchen staff develop menus every day, filled with delicious dishes that are freshly prepared on site. In the event any resident has a specific dietary requirement or is in the mood for something else that day, we’ll happily create a dish that suits their taste. Our team is also on hand to ensure hydration is monitored, to reduce the changes of dehydration.

All meals are provided when you stay at Brockhampton Court. Breakfast includes a wide range of items such as cereals, fruit, toast, and cooked breakfasts. Our lunches are fairly traditional, with hot cooked meals such as cottage pie and casseroles. For supper, we serve lighter choices like soup, omelettes, etc. Both lunch and supper come with a delicious pudding.

Learn more about how we focus on providing high quality nutrition and a selection of delicious meals for our residents on our website. We also welcome family members to have lunch with us whenever they wish and can arrange for rooms for families to eat together. We find that having shared mealtimes – whether with your friends and family, or with other residents – is a great way to encourage healthy eating and ensure that everyone goes to bed with a full and satisfied tummy!

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Why We Focus On Good Nutrition